Baseus 15000pa car vacuum cleaner


  • 15000Pa Suction Force
  • High_suction for 17 minutes
  • 45 Minutes of Long Battery Life
  • Tarnish metal body
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Features of Baseus Vacuum Cleaner:

Brand Baseus
Color Silver/Tarnish
Suction 15000Pa
Housing Metal
Input 5V/2.1A(Max.)
Rated power 135W
Battery power 28.8Wh
Charging 3-5h
Battery duration High suction force≈17min , Standard suction
Force 45min
Noise  <75dB

More Detail

Cordless tarnish Baseus Vacuum Cleaner For Car A3 (15000pa) is a perfect match for your car. It throws and blows 15000 pa Pressurised air to give away all dust and dirt particles from the car. Moreover, its nozzle design allows to ensures air reaches every gap and outlet curves to remove dust steaks. Along with an elegant metal design, the 28.8 wh powerful full battery sucks the dust and secondary particles with high force. Surprisingly, it works for 17 minutes with full power to make your vehicle dust-free.

What causes more discomfort is the buzzing sound of a vacuum cleaner but Baseus Vacuum Cleaner For Car A3 (15000pa) is unique. It creates less noise up to 75 dB. Not only dust blowing this Baseus bin holds garbage for max. amount. If you are dust allergic and want optimum neatness in-car buy a cordless and lightweight Baseus vacuum cleaner from the NexGen online shop. Undoubtedly, it offers Baseus cleaners of every range at the best price in Pakistan.

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