Baseus 2-IN-1 Capacitive Touchscreen Stylus & Ballpoint Pen


  • 2-in-1 pen: accurate disk tip + writing tip
  • Sensitive touch control and delicate stroke
  • 108-degree tilted, smooth drawing and drafting
  • Convenient and fast performance, great for business and office work
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The new technology provides accessible alternatives which make your life convenient and easy. This Baseus 2-IN-1 Capacitive Touchscreen Stylus & Ballpoint Pen does this with extreme ease and convenience. This stylus can be used in many ways and is compatible with many different devices from Android, IOS, and Windows devices like smartphones and tablets. You can connect this stylus with any touchscreen device, and then you can start writing on the screen with it.

Baseus 2-IN-1 Capacitive Touchscreen Stylus & Ballpoint Pen can immensely cut down on the books and notebooks that you carry with you. Whether you use this for school work, office work, or your home, it is the best option to have with yourself. If you need to write something on paper, you can turn on the ballpoint function to write on a page. This way you won’t have to carry different stationery and books with you and carry this and your device. In the age of new technology, this is the new way to move forward. For other technological devices, you can check out the NexGen Shop and search for your favorite devices.

Features of Baseus 2-IN-1 Capacitive Touchscreen:

  • A high-quality 2-in-1 stylus pen from Baseus
  • Two replaceable ends: disk tip & ballpoint pen
  • Both ends utilize convenient magnetic caps
  • The flexible disk tip allows for a 180-degree tilt
  • Immensely improves drawing experience on smartphones and tablets
  • A practical companion for business and office work
  • Anti-roll design prevents the stylus from rolling off a desk
  • Compatible with most iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets
  • Materials: Anodized aluminum alloy and silicone


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