Baseus Deluxe Metal Armrest Console Organizer


  • Type: seat crevice storage box
  • Material: metal + ABS
  • Color: black and silver
  • Function: dual USB power supply
  • Seat armrest box input: 5V/2A
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This is a deluxe metal armrest console organizer. It is all metal and very high-end. The Baseus Deluxe Armrest Console Organizer comes with a luxurious metal texture. The light luxury aluminum alloy material and delicate sandblasting texture bring a beautiful appearance and high-end quality. Because the Baseus Deluxe Armrest Console Organizer has a full alloy body for better quality.

The full metal technology makes it anti-corrosion and anti-fading, durable, and more suitable for car interiors. The space-saving design helps the user place gum, water cups, aroma diffusers, and purifiers in a hidden cup holder. The dual-port USB design also enables a power supply for a variety of electrical appliances. So, the large-capacity storage design expands storage space to meet daily needs.

The Baseus Deluxe Armrest Console Organizer is compact and secure for the center console. After installing this gadget, it does not affect the operation of the center console, fastening the seatbelt, or the seat adjustment. You can place it in any vehicle because the flexible clips make it wider or narrower, according to your liking.

Specifications of Baseus Deluxe Armrest:

  • The Baseus Deluxe Armrest Console Organizer is a card storage box.
  • It is available in two colors; black and also silver.
  • This compartment is used as a car storage bag, seat armrest box, car glove box, stowing tidying bag, and storage bag for collecting mobile phone cards, water cups, and small umbrellas.
  • This also has a dual USB power supply.
  • The seat armrest box has an input of 5V/2A.


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