Baseus Star DH-MWK11 Mosquito Killing Lamp


  • Rated voltage: DC 5V
  • Power: 5W
  • Indoor use Ambient temperature: +5°C to 35°C, Ambient humidity: Max 85%
  • Mosquito-killing method: Light scent attracting + wind catching
  • Power supply mode: Type-C port power supply
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We’ve all faced the lethal buzzing and the itchy bumps after the mosquito has stung every part of our body. That not only irritates your skin but also disrupts your mood for the entire day. Now with this Baseus Star DH-MWK11 Mosquito Killing Lamp, you can kill those nasty mosquitos. With its fatal attraction for mosquitoes and can achieve better trapping results. You can easily plug it anywhere and charge it for those days when you have a mosquito attack coming.

Check out Baseus Star DH-MWK11 Mosquito Killing Lamp prices in Pakistan and combine the force of both of these products to get rid of unpleasant and dangerous creatures. Especially in the summers, these pesky creatures can attack you from all corners and can downgrade your standard of living. Using the mosquito killer racket, you can clear your surrounding area and sit and sleep in peace. For related products, you can visit the NexGen marketplace and browse through many new tech products.

Features of Baseus Star DH-MWK11:

  • Lightwave mosquito trapping, with concealed lampshade design.
  • Odor-based trapping is lasting and efficient.
  • Vortex flow, strong suction
  • Suspending magnetic switch.

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