Dawlance DW md7 microwave oven


  • 20-liter capacity 
  • Manual control panel
  • 220-240V Voltage
  • 10.7 kg weight



Brand  Dawlance
Model  md 7
Type  Microwave 
Capacity  20 liters
Power  700W
Control Panel Type Manual
Installation Type Free Standing
Width  44 cm
Depth 33 cm
Height 34.8 cm
Voltage 220-240
Frequency  50-60
Weight 10.7 kg
Energy Efficient Yes 
Microwave Power Settings 6

Main description 

Consider the space you have in your kitchen when choosing the right size for a microwave oven. The Dawlance DW md7 microwave oven has several functions that make our daily tasks easy. Dawlance microwave md7 is perfect for both inexperienced and seasoned cooks because of its easy-to-understand settings. You may save time and effort by cleaning with ease thanks to the DW-MD7’s design.

For ease of use, the DW-MD7 has mechanical rotary controls. If you want to your oven be in good working condition then keep it clean. This microwave oven allows you to heat food quickly and effectively. Because these home appliances include kid-safe safety measures, you don’t have to worry about someone getting hurt by them. With the help of this Dawlance DW md7, you can make amazing recipes.

Dawlance DW md7 microwave oven is incredibly mess-free and simple to use, which has greatly simplified our lives. It’s immediate in everything and reheats our leftovers even better than regular ones. This feature guarantees that touching the microwave while it’s operating is safe. Additionally, food will never burn in a microwave.

You can set the time and temperature and let it do its thing without having to constantly check to make sure it’s neither overdone nor underdone. If you want to know the Dawlance md7 price in Pakistan, then visit our website. Get this amazing Dawlance DW md7 microwave oven on the NexGen website.


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