Edifier A3-8S Bluetooth Trolley Speaker

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  • 8W power output 
  • Up To 7hours of playtime 
  • 6600mAh battery capacity
  • Bluetooth V 5.0



Brand  Edifier
Model  A3-8S
Bluetooth  V 5.0
Power output  8W
Mid-Bass Driver 8inch
Treble Driver Horn Tweeter
Battery capacity  6600mAh
Signal-to-Noise Ratio ≥80dB(A)
Playtime  Up To 7hours
Dimension  290 x 415 x 272mm
Weight  Approx. 6.6kg
Charging type  USB to Power Jack cable

Main description 

Among the many useful characteristics of the Edifier Trolley Speaker are wireless Bluetooth connectivity, high-quality music, remote control, and mobility. The A3-8s comes like a piece of baggage that is attached with two wheels. An extendable handle is located at the top so you can adjust it according to your preference. Its horn tweeter design reproduces high-frequency sounds incredibly well and clearly.

Furthermore, the Edifier A3-8S Bluetooth Trolley Speaker provides great stereo audio for activities. Also, there is a mic holder available so you may use it when out and about. The mic may be easily replaced in its holder when taking a break. A licking mechanism located at the bottom allows you to mount the speaker on a speaker stand. The A3-8S has an 8-inch woofer which produces a powerful bass with great power efficiency with the help of DSP.

Also, it enhances the sound quality and its performance. The Edifier A3-8S Bluetooth Trolley Speaker is Powered with a Two AA battery of 6600mAh capacity which is easy to replace and maintain. Includes with USB charging cable that can be used to charge the speaker anywhere easily. The ability to charge it while traveling in your car or with a power bank makes it incredibly convenient.

This Edifier speaker a3 8s specs include 8W of power output and Up To 7 hours of playtime. Check on the online store Nexgen it gives you high-quality Bluetooth trolly speakers and all tech gadgets at best prices. The Edifier speaker a3 8s price in Pakistan is highly reasonable on our website.


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