Flash Diffuser 60x60CM SoftBox


  • Provides Greater Light that is very even
  • No Hot Spots or Concentric Circles
  • Light Weight and easy to use
  • Light Angle Adjustable
  • Light Weight to Move Anywhere
  • Universal Metal Ring
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This is a portable and versatile softbox designed for speedlites and flashes with a hotshot. The softbox comes standard with an adjustable L-Shaped mounting bracket which can fit practically any flash unit. By diffusing the flash lighting, the softbox creates a perfect and even lighting that allows you to capture picture-perfect shots. It will also reduce blemishes and improve skin tone contrast while delivering super rich coloring, it’s everything you need to produce studio like photography on a more professional level. It also comes includes a carrying bag so you can take this convenient and effective combination to create the desired results you want anywhere you go!

Convert your battery operated flash from a harsh directional light to soft, diffused light. The Phottix Hot Shot Flash Softbox is available in three sizes, 40x40cm, 50x50cm, 60x60cm and 80x80cm, and folds flat for easy storage. It can be quickly assembled. It can be set up very easily, and the lash mounting brackets fully adjustable to accommodate almost all the flash.


Mounting Bracket Height (with metal ring) 10″ shortest and 12-1/2″ longest
Inner Diameter of Metal Ring 3-1/2″
Outer Diameter of Metal Ring 6″
Carrying Bag size 31 x 22 (L x W) cm
Weight 1200g
For Nikon SB800/SB600/SB80DX/SB28DX
For Canon 580EXII/580EX/550EX/540EZ/430EXII/430EX
Pentax AF540FGZ/AF360FGZ
Olympus F50R/F50/F36R/F36
Nissin DI866/DE622/DI466
Sigma 530DG/500DG
Vivitar DF400MZ/DF383S/AUTO285/AUTO283/AUTO273
Minolta 4000AF/2800AF
YONGNUO 460/460II/465/467/468/560
Viltrox JY-680


This softbox fits for all kind of portable flash which has a hot shoe.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Emaan Gee

    This is a portable and versatile softbox designed for speedlites and flashes with a hotshoe….super quality

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