Onten 91188 USB-C To HDMI Adapter


  • Supports all Type-C computers, mobile phones, and tablets
  • Uses advanced chips, and supports 4K/60Hz resolution
  • Optimum and stable signal transmission works better without distortion
  • Provides excellent audio and video quality
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Marvelously designed Onten USB-C To HDMI Ether Card 91188 has multifunction. This adapter can change your computers, phones, and tablets screen into bigger displays.

It is cleverly using some advanced chips in its anatomy that makes it work more efficiently. During, conversions of the small screens into a larger one, the quality of the picture as well as sound is not affected. Not only this but also it helps you to charge your devices via its PD interface.

It is the fastest way to charge your devices. Moreover, this Onten USB-C To HDMI Ether Card 91188 has Gigabit Ethernet that helps you to use stable internet all time. Now, you can perform many tasks simultaneously. Charge devices and play at the same time. Additionally, it is light and easily portable anywhere.

For performing many tasks at a time but with quality then this Onten gadget is entirely for you. You must visit NexGen for it because we offer premium quality items at highly reasonable rates.

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Brand Onten
Model  OT-91188
Category HUB
Material Aluminum Alloy
Color Silver and Gray
Type- C Yes
HDMI interface Yes
PD interface Yes
Power Supply Standard 3.0
RJ45 Yes
Cable length 145 mm
Compatibility Mac OS, IOS, Windows, Android, and Linux systems


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