Pollo RG59+Power CCTV Cable Roll Pure Copper Wire


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Pollo RG59+Power CCTV Cable Roll Pure Copper Wire is professional quality copper cable for CCTV cameras. It is complete package it delivers power with High quality signal cable. So you don’t have to worry about installing separate wires for cameras. It is very useful product as it can transfer power and signal in one package. Every time when you install CCTV cameras there is one major problem of delivering Power and transfer signal from cameras to DVR. You  have to use separate cables. it does not only adds to your cost but also prone to many faults and errors.

So this is no longer a problem with Pollo RG59+Power CCTV Cable Roll Pure Copper Wire. it has pure copper 48 threads RG 59 cable. That’s why it delivers high speed high quality data along with High power. It is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its high quality insulation gives you long life and durability. shop this High quality cable from Nexgenshop with ease. It comes with wooden box with marking on it so measurement is much easy just take first reading and then install cable after installation just check the last number.


  • Transmits both data and power
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Long life
  • Supplied rolls for easy storage and installation
  • Each roll of 270ft RG59 video cable with a DC dual-core power cable
  • price is negotiable


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