Rock Inspire Headphones


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Audionic introduced new modernize series headphone for rock & metal music to revolutionize user’s portable listening. Audionic latest Rock Inspire headphone is ahead many other conventional headphones in terms of design, shape, weight, durability, and body. Its special design feature allow user to wear it around head or over the ears for long hours usage, its unique shape is created from quality headphone material that maintains its unbroken quality, it’s light-weight, durability, with a steel headband and soft form cushions is comfortable for hours of listening. It is attractively designed to deliver ultra-soft Ear-Grip comfort. The 40mm drive unit is capable to deliver extreme sound output; the bass enhancement technology use to deliver quality bass sound at maximum level.

Specially Design Headphone To Deliver Durability.

Volume Controller
Volume controller allow user to control volume output level.

Its high quality microphone is best for chatting or for audio recording purpose.


Drive Unit
Frequency response
20Hz ~20 kHz
Max-Input Power


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