Samsung Q70C 65 Inch (65Q70C)


  • 3,840 x 2,160 resolution
  • 20W sound type
  • 2.2 CH speaker type
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Brand Samsung
Model q70c
Series 7
Size 65 inch
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
Refresh rate 100Hz
Sound output 20W
Speaker type 2CH
Bluetooth V 5.2
Bezel-type 3 Bezel-less
Power Consumption 250 W

Main description:

Life is a great thing. Don’t wait for life to present you with an unforgettable perspective. The Samsung q70c 65 inch (65Q70C) with 4K upscaling, excellent colour volume, and a mind-blowing, sleek design make your getaway. Enjoy content in 4K resolution when the Quantum Processor converts it all to ultra-high definition. However, the experience goes beyond simply providing sharp contrast and full-color volume. This Led TV did an automatic update as soon as it turned on.

Without your involvement, the Quantum Processor converts your content to 4K without you doing anything. It is designed to intelligently boost your image’s quality to 4K, improve depth, and enhance colour and sound. The sound of this Qled TV is good. Voice can be controlled via remote, which is excellent or through Alexa. To check the Samsung smart 65 inch TV price, visit our website.

The Samsung q70c 65 inch (65Q70C) boasts an AirSlim Design that is so thin it almost disappears into the wall. Its sleek profile makes it stand out from the competitors and makes it the ideal fit for any environment. Although the Samsung q70c 65 is a superb TV overall, it performs best when used as a computer monitor or gaming because of its excellent input lag. It can easily handle rooms with a few lights or windows when watching SDR content, such as sports or TV broadcasts, due to its excellent SDR brightness and respectable reflection handling.


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