Best Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser Wall Mounted


  • Slim and refillable hand wash dispenser
  • 8-12 cm distance requirements
  • Battery operated
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To keep your hands, clean every time install the Best Automatic hand wash dispenser wall mounted in your working space. This automatic hand wash dispenser has a 350 ml liquid-containing capacity. You can fill the container with handwash and use it without touching it. Undoubtedly, it is a great product that releases the liquid from a nozzle without touching it. You just have to keep your hands 8-12 cm away from the nozzle so the dispenser senses it properly.

This Automatic hand wash dispenser can be easily installed at home, school, restaurant, or in kitchens without piercing the wall. It can be easily fixed on a wall with glues. Furthermore, it comes with batteries that let this automatic handwash dispenser work efficiently. Moreover, this handwash dispenser prevents dripping when it is not in use. You can not only use this dispenser for handwash purposes but also it can be used for storing shampoo or gels. So, get the Best Automatic hand wash dispenser wall mounted and install it in your home to always keep your family safe from germs. Let your family grow in good health!

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Features of Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser:

Product Automatic handwash dispenser wall mount
Material ABS
Carrying capacity 350 ml
Battery 4AA


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