JMARY FM-536A Ring light with stand


  • 3 kinds of a color temperature mode
  • Mobile phone holder for 7.5 inches display
  • Wireless remote control for mobile phones via Bluetooth
  • No ultraviolet and infrared radiation
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Undoubtedly, JMARY FM-536A Ring light with stand is the perfect lighting source for making the view clearer. This ring light has a diameter of 26 cm which makes an overall 2m length of the stand. Moreover, it features amazing functions. You can not only adjust the height but also the temperature and brightness. Whether you want dim, low, or you can easily adjust with a touch button. Similarly, you can adjust color temperature as well well to warm, cold or neutral. In the design of this adjustable ring, light health parameters are kept in view.

The light doesn’t emit ultraviolet or infrared radiation which is called cancer-causing. Other than it, it came with a phone holder to help you in recording tutorials with 7.5 inches smartphones. Now, you can easily record the quality makeup tutorial with help of this JMARY ring light. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect item for your conference or recording room. Get this USB-powered 5V JMARY FM-536A Ring light with a stand online for your study or room. You can get this adjusted and tilting ring light online from the NexGen online shop.

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Features of JMARY FM-536A Ring light:

Model FM536-A
Temperature mode 3
Lamp diameter 26 cm
Height with lamp 2 m
Minimum tripod height 55 cm


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