Best Smart TVs in Pakistan under 100k

How to Choose the Best Smart TVs in Pakistan Under 100k

LED TVs have revolutionized the world of entertainment due to their superior design, quality pictures, and 4k resolution. Smart TVs in Pakistan are becoming part of the TV lounge due to their affordable prices. For buying a large TV, budget matters, so the prices of smart TVs in Pakistan can help you to choose the best LED TV. You can grab the best smart TVs in Pakistan under 100k. If you are getting bored of traditional or LCD TVs and want to replace them with a smart TV, then this blog can help you choose the best smart TV in Pakistan.

Smart led TV features

Smart led TV featuresIn the 21st century, smart TV has revolutionized the world of entertainment. They are known for the best appeal in designs and mesmerizing picture quality. The question arises, why everyone is crazy about smart TVs? What do they offer that makes these displays people’s only choice? Smart TV device is what revolutionize the horizon of your entertainment by giving you access to bulk content.

Here is the list of LED TV specifications that also allow you to choose the best smart TVs for your home entertainment.

Smart TV Screen Size 

The Smart led Tv screen size is not the same for bedroom or any other place. The great advantage of it is that it comes in various screen sizes and prices to make it affordable for all. Whether you are looking for the 32, 43, 55, 65, or 75-inch TV, you can find it according to your desire. The bigger the screen size of the smart TV more clearer the picture it would display.

Internet Connectivity

What makes the TV smart? Internet connectivity opens the TV-wide door for entertainment in front of you. With the help of Wi-Fi connectivity, one can easily enjoy web browsing, play online games, and connect with people via video conference. Now, you can access any entertainment option on the big screen to have more fun.

This is what they call smart TV technology that improves connectivity and picture quality. With the internet and interface the other types of smart TV technologies improve the display.

Have you ever wished to watch your smartphone gallery pictures and videos on your TV? If yes, how will your special smart TV fulfill your desire by Screen mirroring? This is the type of remarkable display technology that allows you to watch your golden days’ memories on a bigger screen.

Smart TV apps

The apps of Smart TV are a hilarious feature that allows you to expand the world of entertainment. Like the app store on a smartphone, TV offers the same store that allows you to install your favorite app and get access to streaming live. Many smart TVs offers built-in app and you can install others like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video.  If you want to scroll or stream on Facebook or Twitter, the gateway of the app store is always open. Enjoy live music or any movie online in a few steps.

Voice Control

Voice Control is one of the unique smart TV features. Imagine controlling your TV with your voice. Channel shifting, volume control, contrast, and brightness adjustment can be performed only with your voice command. Smart TVs with voice control can perform home integration functions. It allows you to control your all-home smart appliances with a single voice command. Home integration can be performed by installing a single app on your smart TV that integrates the all-smart electronics of your home. AI integration allows you to monitor your home security via a smart TV app.  Now you can turn off the lights, and fan and lock the door with a single voice command.

Multiple ports

 The smart TV make it versatile and open for connectivity of multiple devices.  This type of TV has HDMI, USB, and Ethernet ports that provide wide compatibility for multiple devices.

4k resolution of smart TV 

4k resolution makes it ideal for all types of screen sizes. The high resolution ensures a clear and crisp picture that results in a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience. Usually, when the size of the screen increases the picture quality is compromised but the smart TVs with 4k or 8k resolution retain the same picture either if the screen size is increased. You can find the best 4k smart LED TV in Pakistan for a better viewing experience.

In addition, smart TV has a higher contrast ratio and refresh rate than traditional TVs making the image more immersive. The high contrast ratio allows the better color contrast in the dark.

Audio quality is matchless in smart LED TVs. Smart TV has the best audio processing technology like Dolby Atmos, DTS, or other sound enhancement systems. The TV uses noise reduction technology that makes the sound experience more mesmerizing. In addition, TV uses adaptive sound technology to accurately adjust the TV’s sound output to match the content being shown on the screen. It provides a more immersive and high-quality audio experience even in a noisy place.

Energy efficiency 

Energy efficiency is one of the key LED TV specifications that inspire people to choose the budget-friendly TV. Smart LED TVs have the Energy Star rating that allows them to consume 25-30% less energy than traditional TVs. They have automatic power control mechanisms as well as power-saving modes while working or turning off. Due to the star-rated certification, all prefer these TVs because they save your monthly budget. The renowned TV manufacturers use the latest energy-saving and eco-friendly technology to improve your entertainment viewing experience for longer hours.

There are other multiple smart TV features such as gaming modes that have high refresh rates and low input lag rates. All these features make Smart LED TVs expensive but you can still find the Best Smart TVs in Pakistan Under 100k with a little research.

Latest Smart TVs in Pakistan

Latest Smart TVs in PakistanAt present, smart TVs have become popular worldwide due to a variety of features and capabilities. One of the common features of smart TVs is wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which is what makes these displays live-streaming devices. In addition, They offer a wide and immersive viewing experience to their viewers. As the technology market is evolving, similarly the manufacturers are launching the latest Smart TVs technology in Pakistan that have affordable prices. You can find easily the best Smart TVs in Pakistan Under 100k. Recently, two types of smart TVs have made headlines due to smart TV technology that offers several benefits over traditional smart TVs.

QLED Smart TVs

QLED smart TVs are gaining popularity among consumers due to their slim design and high picture quality. Here the quantum dot light-emitting diode is used that enhance and improve the brightness as well as color accuracy. QLED smart TV offers a 4k to 8k resolution display. These TVs have limited apps but have superior picture quality.

Android Smart TVs

Android smart TVs are known for their wide selection of apps and multiple features. Contrary to QLED, Android TVs use different types of LED, LCD, and OLED technologies. If you are concerned about which smart TV is best at a low price, definitely it is the Android smart TV. And, If are you looking for the Best Smart TVs Under 100k, then Android smart TVs must be your choice. If you are budget-centered, go with the Android. Undoubtedly, it is the same as your preferences and needs.

Smart led TVs price in Pakistan

The smarter the thing, the more cost it will add. Multiple TV brands in Pakistan offer models of LEDs at different prices. Nowadays, smart LED TV prices in Pakistan are reasonable due to multiple factors. Many brands like Ecostar and TCL offer the Best Smart TVs in Pakistan Under 100k.

LED TVs list

The latest LED TVs are listed based on the features of different TV brands their models and their prices.

Ecostar Smart led TVs

Ecostar Smart led TVsEcostar is a reputable brand that brings you the best LEDs at the best price in Pakistan. This smart TV comes in various screen sizes based on which the price of the TV fluctuates. These TVs are known for their stunning picture quality, thanks to their advanced LED display technology. EcoStar LED TVs also offer a wide range of features, including smart TV functionality, built-in Wi-Fi, and multiple HDMI ports. Whether you’re looking for a TV for your living room, bedroom, or den, EcoStar has the perfect model for you

Title Price
Ecostar led 32-inch price in Pakistan (CX-32U573) ₨41900.00
Ecostar 39-inch led (CX-39U573) ₨56900.00
Ecostar led 40-inch android price in Pakistan (CX-40U871) ₨73900.00

TCL Smart led TVs

TCL Smart led TVsTCL is known for the low prices of superior LEDs. Moreover, it offers the best and clearest crispy result. It offers the best deals and discounts on its smart TVs. It has all sizes of screens ranging from standard to cinematic. According to the screen size, the price varies. TCL Smart TVs also run on the Android TV operating system, which gives you access to thousands of apps and games.

Title Price
TCL 43s65a price in Pakistan ₨88990.00
TCL 40s5400 price in Pakistan ₨76990.00
TCL led 32s5200 price in Pakistan ₨58990.00
TCL android tv 32 inch 32s65a price ₨59990.00

 These prices vary every day. However, if you have decided to buy a low-priced TV, feel free to connect with the retailers and the experts. Undoubtedly, before choosing a smart TV, consider reading the Smart TV buying guide or Smart TV reviews of any specific product you are interested in.


There are different types of LED TVs in the market equipped with the latest LED or OLED technology so it is always difficult to choose the best smart TV at the lowest price. Most high-technology TVs like OLED or QLED are known for their unique features. They are the latest smart TVs that have clearer pictures, are reasonable as well as varying prices one can find the Best Smart TVs in Pakistan Under 100k if you do a little research.

Undoubtedly, budget is the key to buying the LED TV at the best lowest price in Pakistan. Brands like Eco Star and TCL are known for the best smart TVs at the lowest prices in Pakistan.  Choose the best smart TV in Pakistan and dive into the realm of a colorful and clear world of entertainment.


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