Doctor Kit for 5 year child

  • Doctor Apparatus
  • Pills
  • Glasses
  • Blue Briefcase
  • Suitable for 5 years

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For all the kids who aspire to be doctors when they grow up, this is the perfect starting kit for them. This Doctor Kit for a 5-year child includes the most perfect colorful doctor tools and apparatus for your children which they will love playing with. In addition to the doctor’s apparatus which includes a stethoscope, injection, glasses, hammer, and more it also includes pills. Moreover, it all comes inside a beautiful blue briefcase in which they can carry everything in and check their patient. It is perfect to get your kids started in a profession they like. Specifically, for those kids who go around pretending to be doctors, this is the best solution.

Doctor Kit for a 5-year child is the best option to give your children a toy with which they can learn and play. Subsequently, giving them a chance to experience new tools and learn about the apparatus as well. Learning at the age of five is extremely important as it shapes the children’s character, that way they are more inclined to choose medicine as a profession. At any rate, this toy is a comprehensive learning package for your kid who will learn new things while they play.

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Features of Doctor Kit:

Blue briefcase

Colorful Medical Apparatus

Toy pills

Toy medication


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