Pollo Exit Button PLL-E100 Electric Glass Door Lock


• Door Exit Button
• IP65
• Max. Current 3 A
• Max. Voltage DC 36 V

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Pollo Exit Button PLL-E100 Electric Glass Door Lock is newest electrical gadgets for Glass doors available at Nexgenshop. Technology is always evolving, gone are days where we used to employ manual locks. This is latest addition to digital gadgets for security. This is electric glass door lock with Exit Button.  With single button press door can be unlocked. This Door is tested for its mechanical durability for 5 hundred thousand times.

Pollo Exit Button PLL-E100 Electric Glass Door Lock can be used with any type of glass door. It adds to the look and grace of your door meanwhile providing fool proof security. Exit button work with DC electrical signal. Door can be unlocked hassle free with just one tap. So this electric Exit button provides you with so much conveniences. That’s why is best choice of customers looking for elegant yet firm security solutions for their glass doors. shop this latest amazing Electric glass door from nexgenshop with quality guarantee.


Model PLL-E100
Size 86 mm (L) x 86 mm (W) x 20 mm (H)
Standard Structure Aluminum Panel, Steel Button
Working Current 3 A @ 36 V DC Max.
Signal Output No/COM
Mechanical Life 500000 Tested
Door Type Applicable Hollow frame and Embedded Electric Case
Weight 0.1 kg


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